As we inch closer to the new year, Matt and Ray reflect on the tumultuous year of 2021. They uncover how they’ve maintained a growth mindset through the most challenging periods and even in the happy comfortable ones. How the Netflix original film, ‘14 peaks’, reignited their willpower muscle to have an infinite mindset with ‘yet’ being the keyword to anything unachieved.  

For current or future parents, how you can foster critical thinking in your kids from an early age and what top-tier Sydney Selective School experience was like for Ray in comparison to Matt’s competitive sports schooling experience.  


00:00 How to prioritise yourself going into 2022 

01:40 Rewire your thinking 

07:40 Growth vs fixed mindset 

11:11 Celebrate the process 

14:11 Don’t accept where you’re at 

17:20 Does our phones limit our thinking? 

20:00 Putting critical thinking to a test 

23:30 Questions to ask yourself to nurture your mindset 


Mindset Works 

Carol Dweck 

14 Peaks