Matt and Ray reflect on the past year, the happiness that has come with success and the lessons learnt from challenges. They delve into the powerful effects of dopamine on the brain, how to hack the brain for more reward hormones and rewiring traditional ways of thinking. They provide some tips on realigning your focus, being present in the moment and finding positivity in the worst times of life where everything seems negative.  

00:00 Unpacking gratitude

04:40 Focus on what you have

06:30 Dopamine is much more than you think

07:20 A different approach to new year’s resolutions

08:40 The power of following through

12:00 Find your rhythm

13:20 be intentional how you use your time

16:30 Invest & reflect

19:00 The lens you are looking through

22:00 Rewire your brain – write down 3 things you are grateful for 21 days


Key Take Away from this episode:

-Rewire your brain

-Reset the lens you are looking through

-Write down 3 things you are grateful for, daily for 21 days