Learn about NFT’s, the new way of allowing gamers to be paid in crypto and Lloyd’s thoughts on metaverses. Is fiat currency in our future? Are we really that far away from our reality being like Ready Player One? Check out this episode with Crypto expert with facts to blow you away.  


00:00 Lloyd Perry, serial entrepreneur 

2:30 A study of what to not do as a business 

03:15 creating a brand outside the norm, sneaky, fun and with positivity 

04:54 What does money mean to you? 

07:04 Fiat vs. Crypto. How does it work? 

07:50 Crypto is money being disrupted 

15:11 Crypto, farming and energy efficiency 

17:20 Why give credibility to “Fun-money”? 

20:15 Learn & Research is key to crypto success 

22.27 NFT & Crypto, two different worlds 

24:40 NFT is reinventing ownership 

30:15 Smart contract will revolutionary how people will transact 

32:00 What to look for when investing in Crypto 

33:30 Crypto is the wild west at the moments 

40:00 Talking Metaverse 

41:30 Play to earn is marrying gaming and crypto 

45:30 Ready Player One is not that far away 

46:10 Lloyd is creating a metaverse, a digital planet 

51:40 Making a Change with NFT, for every 100 planted NFT seed, one seed will be planted in the real world 


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