Never set limits for yourself, dream big, work hard and always make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Sam Panetta shares his story growing up with 15-year-old parents, the struggles and fun times that ensued and how he made something of himself despite the limitations society had against him. The driving force behind his passion and motivation actually comes from a lot of pain and painful drivers are often the ones that are most powerful.  

What’s the difference between a fixed and growth mindset? It might seem obvious to you in YOUR specific situation, but the world has not always allowed for such big dreams. Sam’s grandfather could not have experienced wealth the way it is now. For people in a fixed mindset, inspirational quotes will not challenge their reality.   


00:00 Sam Panetta, a family man & a businessman. 

01.00 What happens in China? 

01:05 Evergrande, 30 billion in debt. 

07:05 How will that affect Australia? 

9:45 We felt we hit the ceiling, and Aureus was born. 

10:50 We started in my mother in laws spare bedroom. 

11:40 Heaps of dumb mistakes. 

13:20 A couple of lessons when starting a business. 

15:40 Grow the business to serve MORE people. 

17:30 Sam is doing it his way& creates an amazing life story. 

24:00 The pressure to figure it out. 

26:15 The pivot. 

28:00 The expectation to fit into someone else’s life story. 

30:00 The moment when I decided that I never going to have money problems. 

30:54 “That’s easy, I’ll just get rich” 

42:10 How I bought my first property at the age of 14. 

51:00 Switch on your investor mindset. 

54:15 I’m not going to try. In going to DO. 

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